You've focused on the big things...but have you enjoyed the little things in running?

Often we have our goals set on one major race/event for the year and we do everything we can to reach those goals.  That is the ultimate in running.  Set your goals and achieve them.  It is fantastic to cross that finish line, clock that PR, qualify for Boston or do what you never dreamed you could.  There is no bad reason to run.  Now that the Fox Valley Marathon races are over, the Chicago Marathon tucked itself away for a winter nap and you begin to take a big sigh of a well run race; don't forget the little things that made the trip worth while.  I think too often we enjoy the results of our journey, but only put up with the journey itself.  I'm not here to tell you "Enjoy it all!"  I'm here to say that you can have a bad run AND still enjoy it at the same time.  Wait, What?!  It's a little trick I have when I am having a bad run, bike or anything that I should be enjoying.  Find the enjoyment in the minutia.  Revel in the fact that your jacket has an earphone cord holder.  Love that your shoe has a secret message on it.  Marvel at how warm this super thin jacket can keep you.  Be astonished at how GOOD a gel can taste, when any other person would gag on it in daily life.  When you are feeling down about a run you just had or actually during one, let those small things pick you up.  My challenge to everyone reading this is to enjoy what you have accomplished this year.  Look at the little things you have never noticed before.  Take pictures of them, both literally and figuratively.  Take a different view of your run and snap it.  Make those old running routes new again.  And guess what?  You will have some cool pictures to look back on and smile about your journey; no matter how bad that run was.  :)  I've noticed a few small things at GRO, so have a look.