Twilight or Dawning of new season?


It really depends on how you look at it, but for most of us, the running season is winding down and we will take a mental/physical break from what we have been doing for the spring and summer.  We encourage you to rest and recover, but it doesn't mean you have to stop things all-together.  You can start to make goals for next year and use the fall/winter as a jump-start on reaching those goals.  Are you looking to do your first triathlon next year?  Don't wait until March/April to delve into better swimming.  Take those lessons now and carry that through winter.  Tired of running on the roads?  Take a nice destination drive to a preserve/state park to get some great trail running in (Rock Cut State Park, Herrick Lake, Nelson Lake, etc...).  Love to bike on the roads, but it's going to be too chilly soon?  Break out that mountain/"fat tire" bike and hit the trails to mix it up.  You've worked hard, so have some different type of fun with it now.  Enjoy!